domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

Review: Bullseye Nation

I came across Bullseye Nation for airsoft gun reviews a few days ago and thought I'd do a site review because I was looking for some firearm related reviews.

The design of Bullseye Nation is pretty sick. The logo is simple and bold. It just looks right for a site about gun accessories. Check it out. I think it falls under fair use to put it here:

See what I mean? It's just bad ass.

The homepage has little targets for icons. Hover over the icon and it pulls up a brief about what the article is about. The link is bright orange and clickable.

What I don't like is that the main page is pretty bare. There's no slider for articles, nor is there a photo for the article that has the icons. That is a shame because it would make the site more inviting for people to click around.

The article I read, "Best Gun Cleaning Kits: Your #1 Guide To Firearm Cleansers," is well written and explains about why you need to keep your rifle or handgun clean.

I do like how the title is set off by a black bar. It looks good.

There are links to so the reader can purchase a kit. The comparison chart is beneficial; it has a picture, pieces in the kit, cost, and rating's on Amazon. I found it beneficial.

I did not realize how expensive gun cleaning kits were. I always thought a little WD40, rags, and gun oil was all that was needed.

That's not so. There's gun specific solvent and tons of brushes. These brushes go down the barrel to clean it. It reminds me of cleaning a chimney.

I did find the info I was looking of on Bullseye Nation and found the review about the Hoppes kit beneficial.

I ended up buying the Hoppes gun kit and Amazon shipped it to my door. Can't beat that. The price was not too bad but I'm a cheap-skate.

My biggest complaint about Bullseye Nation is the lack of photos. There's stock photos of the kits, but a review site like that should have some real photos. Pictures of the unboxing and pictures of the item in use. That's my big beef with the site.

I tried using the site on my desktop computer and on my iPhone. It has a mobile responsive design that looks good on both.

I think it's a good site. It'll never be another but it has a bright future. I sent an email to the owner and suggested they write some good articles about rare firearms. These kind of guns are difficult to decode and find info about and documents about them would benefit us all.